Monday, April 30, 2018

Miniature Monday - Talia

For today's Miniature Monday, I have a converted WizKids Nozlur's Marvelous Miniature of the female human fighter. She originally had a shortsword, which I swapped out to a longsword and added in a shield. 

Funny story about this miniature. Talia is actually my RuneQuest character Talgrimm, who was killed in battle and then reincarnated by a goddess. She needed a body to plant my soul into and my party decided to use a female body, because they are a group of jack asses.

So, he became a she.

Also, the trauma of dying and returning to life in a new body and seeing your own mangled corpse, took a toll on her mentally and she had troubles adjusting to being alive again. I suppose you don't really get over the feeling of dying by getting crushed to goo.

From looking at the Nozlur's miniatures, there seems to be a wide range of quality and some are definitely better than others.. I've seen some nice looking Halflings, but it seems like some of the other ones were hit or miss. This one was actually pretty decent quality and I was happy that she was in sensible armor.

The sword and shield are both pewter pieces and required pinning in order to stay on her arms. But the new sword looks a ton better than the original short sword. Her pose also lends well to the shield.

I don't remember much else about the miniature though, as this one was painted last summer. But, I am happy with the colors and the way she turned out.

Sadly, not much later, she lost a leg and was sidelined while she healed up. I had a rotating cast of characters afterwards, including an elf and what would have been another character, before the game fell apart.