Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wizardy in Progress 4/4/18

It's been a busy week this week! It was the first full week of progress since Adepticon and the hobby is strong!

This week I started on the Mary Fix-it bust from Panda Cult Games. I started working on base coating much terrain. The Armiger Warglaives from the Forgebane box set and my box of Karaphron Destroyers were all assembled.

Let's check it out!

Armiger Warglaives

Last Friday I picked up the Admech side of the Forgebane box set, the other half went to my friend Daryl who plays Necrons.

Saturday night, I decided to build the Armiger Warglaives.

They are really nice kits and go together really easily. I actually built the second one on Sunday morning without the instructions, that's how easy it is after you've done one.

The carapace guns all mount with pegs. But I decided to magnetize them anyway. I also magnetized the arms so I could easily remove them and reattach them after painting.

The arms actually swivel on some pegs on the body and are removable. But once the pauldrons are on, they are slightly difficult to twist and remove.

I'm still debating on color schemes, and currently a royal blue and white scheme is winning. If I do that set of colors, I'll likely make the trim metals gold.

I'm hoping to get these on the table this coming weekend and see how they play.

I'm especially interested in trying out the 3 scenarios that came in the box set, so we can see how the two forces match up against each other.

Kataphron Destroyers

Sunday, after Easter brunch we played D&D and I brought my box of Kataphron Destroyers with me.

Over the course of a 4 hour session I slowly worked my way through them. I made sure to assemble all of their weapon options, with plans to magnetize them all too.

Apparently magnets are a thing I do now, hahaha.

For the main gun mounts I filled them with green stuff and added in a 3/16" magnet. I then drilled the butt of each plasma culvern and heavy grav cannon and also put in a magnet.

I learned my lesson with magnets after Adepticon and dealing with the shoulder guns popping off the robots all the time. This time, I made sure to use two magnets, instead of a magnet and a pin head.

Much Terrain

I have a massive terrain commission happening for my game store, which I mentioned last week.

This week I picked up a few cans of silver, yellow and orange spray paint and went to town spraying silver on much of it.

There's still a lot to do. But at least 3/4 of the industrial terrain is sprayed silver. The Citadel Wood is also sprayed brown too.

The plan for the industrial terrain is to mask off the panels and spray them too and do a few details and knock out some drybrushing.

For the walkways, I'll wetbrush them, so the silver recesses stay the proper color. Then I'll do drybrushing and details such as the hanging hoses.

While I'm working on these, I might also spray my Promethium Relay Pipes and see about getting those taken care of as well.

Early days, but I'm thinking this stuff should end up looking nice when all is said and done.

Mary Fix-it and G.R.I.T.T. Bust

While waiting for silver primer to dry on terrain, I started recording the next Let's Paint, featuring this bust from Panda Cult Games.

It has been an absolute blast to work on, thanks to all the different types of material effects I get to play with.

One thing I had a really good time with doing was the color reflections on the metal. I was slightly anxious starting with it, but once I got going and it all started popping, I loved the effect.

The pauldrons were painted with Rhinox Hide, some lines of Mournfang Brown and Steel Legion Drab, this was then covered with some Seraphim Sepia and then some extra highlights of Steel Legion Drab to finish it off.

As of last night I have also gotten the leather backpack finished.

This was very fun, as it let me scale up my usual leather technique and see how it looked at a larger scale.

For the leather, I started with a base coat of Rhinox Hide and washed it with Agrax Earthshade.

Then I did multiple layers of Mournfang Brown and Agrax Earthshade, keeping the Mournfang Brown thin, so it dryed splotchy.

Once that was finished, I shaded it with Druchii Violet and Beil-tan Green, and covered it all with more Agrax Earthshade.

Finally, I did another layer of Mournfang streaking, added some white to it for more scratches and finally some more white mixed in for highlight scratches.

I really like how it turned out!

The last thing to do on this part of the piece is the blanket roll, which I think I am going to try to paint as a patchwork quilt of some kind.

But for now, that's it!